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The Hammond 920 Chapel Organ has the sound and feel of the famous B-3 organ along with 880 high-quality Extra Voice Sounds, but with a price especially suited for churches on a budget.

Drawbars 2-VASE III (61 note polyphony)
Extra Voice
80 note polyphony
Manuals Swell C1 to C6 61-key
Great C1 to C6 61-key
Pedal Keyboard
13-note attached
Harmonic Drawbars Swell 9 Pitches, Great 9 Pitches pedal 2 Pitches
Drawbar Voicing - Manual 5 choices
Drawbar Voicing - Pedals 4 choices
Touch-Response Percussion Buttons
Second Harmonic, Third Harmonic, Fast Decay, Volume Soft
Adjustable Parameters, Touch, Velocity, Decay (Fast, Slow), Level (Normal, Soft)
Extra Voice Instruments
880 Instruments, 56 Drum Kits, General MIDI upper compatible
Parts 1 Part per keyboard
Effects Internal Leslie, Advanced Digital, 2 Rotors Buttons, On, Fast
Vibrato and Chorus, Digital Scanner, Rotary Mode Knob: V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3 Buttons: Swell On, Great On, Overdrive, Advanced Digital Equalizer
Drawbars: Bass, Mid & Treble tone, Extra Voice: Bass, Mid & Treble tone
Reverb, Continuously Variable, Digital 10 programs Pedal, Sustain
5 lengths Button: Pedal Sustain On
Tuning 430 - 450 1Hz. Steps
Transpose -6 to +6 semitones
Coupler (Buttons) Pedal to Great, Great to Pedal
Combination Presets 9 Banks, 9 Presets Controllers
Volumes Master Volume, External Volume, Extra Voice Volume
Wheels Pitch Bend, Modulation Pedal, Expression Pedal w/1 Foot Switch
Sequencer SMF compatible Sequence Recorder w/ Simple Rhythm Player
Storage Compact Card Slot
Display 20-Characters, 2-lines, 9 control buttons
MIDI Templates: 3 Templates External Zones: 1 Zone per Keyboard
Connections MIDI in (Keyboard), In (Multi), Out Audio Line In, L, R, Line Out, L, R, Headphones, Leslie 11-pin, 1 to 3 channels available
Sound System Amplification: 3-50 watt RMS amplifiers 8"& 6" full range speakers, 12" woofer
Dimensions 37 3/4" (H) x 45 5/8" (W) x 25 1/2" (D)
Weight 920: Console and Bench 205 lbs