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The HAMMOND XPK-100 is a 13-note MIDI pedalboard that is perfect for bringing the gbig consoleh feel to the XK-1, XK-3c or any other MIDI instrument. gKicking pedalsh is a cornerstone of the Hammond tradition, and the XPK-100 adds mobility to the mix. Multiple MIDI inputs on the XPK-100 allow you to add a second (lower) keyboard to your organ rig to make a virtual gB-3h. The benefits aren't just limited to keyboardists.

Progressive Bass Guitarists have used pedalboards connected to synths for many years to add an extra dimension to their playing, and the XPK-100 with its programmability fits that bill. The XPK-100 is a controller that will link to any MIDI sound source, or could even be used as a controller for MIDI lighting or sound reinforcement gear.

13-Note Pedalboard Fixed Velocity
LED Display 7 Segments 3 Characters
Panel Switches Play/Edit, Preset/Edit, Transpose
Connections DC power, MIDI in/out
Cables AC power supply, MIDI cable
Dimensions 22" (W) x 15 3/8" (D) x 5 1/8" (H)
Weight 8.74 lbs.