Mark 12i

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The Mark 12i is our "flagship" Digital Ensemble, offering 325 incredibly realistic sounds, and more than 64 fully automated style accompaniments.

The Mark 12i's powerful stereo sound system features SRS surround sound. The Mark 12i comes in a variety of real wood finishes and looks beautiful in any home.

In addition to SRS, the Mark 12i includes 325 unequaled sampled sounds that maintain the Kurzweil tradition of the finest sound quality in the industry. The Mark 12i features a superb Concert Grand Piano; new French Horns; snare drum with brushes; harmon-muted trumpet; arpeggiated or solo harp; pizzicato strings; banjo; nylon string guitar and hundreds more sounds on which the best composers and arrangers in the music business rely.

In addition, the Mark 12i offers 64 user-editable auto-accompaniment styles. We hired some of the best arrangers working today to create the most realistic sounding styles on ANY digital instrument. These styles are undoubtedly the finest Kurzweil has ever produced. We've made it so easy to use that Mark 12i owners can even create their own styles.