2101 MK2

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When you want the authentic LESLIE sound, but cannot accommodate the size and weight of a traditional Leslie, or, frankly, cannot afford it; reach for the 2101mk2. It’s the “top half” of our traditional Leslie with all the unique and patented features that musicians have come to depend on, coupled with a perfect digital simulation of the lower rotor. When you consider the onboard tube preamp, and the widest range of “tweakability” of any Leslie ever; the 2101mk2 is a clear choice for pro and hobbyist alike.

Input Rotary, Stationary-L, Stationary-R
Amplifier Rotary Channel 50 W RMS, Stationary Channel 75 W RMS x 2
Speakers Horn Driver x 1, 6" Woofer x 2, 2" Tweeter x 2
Inputs 11-Pin Leslie connector & 8 Pin DIN, 1/4" Line In Phone Jack for Rotary, Stationary-L, Stationary-R
Outputs Line Out (Stereo Phone Jack), Stationary-L/R, Lower Rotary-L/R, Ext. Speaker Connection for Lower L/R
Controls Volume (STA-L, STA-R, ROTARY), Tube Overdrive w/Tube ON/OFF, Tube Mode, 8-Position Function Switch, Value UP/DOWN, Rotor Upper/Lower: Slow Speed, Fast Speed, Rise Time, Fall Time, Break Time, Horn Level, Lower Level, Bass Level, Preset 1-2, Memory, Channel Mode: STA Mono/Stereo
Cabinet High impact, balck leather-like finish
Dimensions 20" (W) x 20 1/2" (D) x 13" (H)
Weight 50 lbs.